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If your company stores client data, then HIPAA or PCI Compliant Hosting can be a cost-effective IT solution that keeps your business compliant and reduces internal IT spending and achieves operational efficiency.

Compliant Hosting will simplify the technical requirements for PCI, HIPAA or other types of compliance into a managed cloud solution that is effective and easily implemented. You can focus on administrative aspects of compliance and most importantly, growing your business, with our Compliant Hosting solutions.

Capital Internet provides HIPAA compliant hosting and PCI compliant hosting that protects the security of your customer data. Whether you're a Payment Card Industry service provider handling sensitive data for another company, or a Level 1, 2 or 3 enterprise merchant whose business depends on the secure processing of credit card transactions, Captial Internet has your PCI compliant cloud hosting needs covered.

Capital Internet offers PCI DSS compliant managed services and we offer PCI compliant managed hosting. We are constantly builidng on our expertise in compliant hosting to better help our clients deal with the complexities of PCI DSS compliance.

Our Secure Colocation services allow you to take advantage of our data center environment for your server hosting. Our Atlanta data center has been created for the purpose of hosting servers and includes redundant power systems and environmental controls alongside firewalls, business continuity solutions and electronic security. Our colocation solutions include burstable bandwidth and with fully customized plans, our services grow with your needs.

Dedicated Servers provide a secure and stable hosting solution. Dedicated servers are customized to your specifications and leased to you. Our data center technicians install any necessar upgrades for you and ensure the server is kept up to date and maintained. With a managed dedicated server hosting solution, the data center staff work with you, like part of your IT team, to manage your server hosting solution.

Virtual Private Servers, sometimes referred to as cloud servers, are particularly effective hosting solutions for solutions that require flexibility and expandability, or are for an unknown length of time. Virtual private servers can be provisioned very quickly, often in hours, and if processing power or memory needs to be increased, there is no wait for hardware.